We believe in making the arts accessible to everyone. Working in collaboration with a range of established not-for-profit organisations, schools, community groups and charities the Adelaide Fringe Foundation provides important and powerful arts experiences to disadvantaged community groups.

To date we have worked with over XX charities and organisations and have gifted XXX tickets to disadvantaged members of the community who would not otherwise have the means to access Fringe.

“There is now a well-established evidence base supporting the view that the arts can make a vital contribution to our wellbeing. This can occur across a range of dimensions, from cultural to social and economic, at an individual, community and broader society level. The arts have the potential to bridge our worlds, harness the wisdom of our different views, engage our imagination to explore new ways of thinking, and create experiences that can be shared by all people in our community.” Castanet: The Arts Ripple Effect: Valuing The Arts In Communities.