Julian Ferguson - Ukulele Death Squad

The Artist Fund grant allowed us to be innovative, bold, daring and explore new markets to present out work. Without it, we simply wouldn’t have been able to put on such an extensive Fringe season, nor reach so many people.

Banner image: artist - Ukulele Death Squad

Michaela Burger - A Migrant's Son

This grant enabled me to purchase marketing and reach a demographic that I have otherwise not been able to reach over the years of performing at the Adelaide Fringe. It took the financial strain off of some of the venue hire and meant that I actually came out of this year’s Fringe in profit! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Artist Fund. It has made being a full time artist possible and has given me the incentive to keep creating shows for the Adelaide Fringe.

Banner image: artist - Michaela Burger 
Banner image: photographer - Anne-Laure Marie

Matthew Briggs - 30,000 Notes

As emerging South Australian artists, the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund is crucial for the long-term stability of Adelaide’s independent sector. Without this support, we would not be able to push boundaries and take risks to create ambitious art like this.

Banner image: artist - Matthew Briggs

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Banner image by Claudio Raschella

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