2020 Grant Recipients

The Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund has been developed to provide financial assistance to Australian artists registering their work in Adelaide Fringe, and to help disadvantaged groups experience Fringe shows. In 2019, twelve grants totalling $90,000 have been awarded to independent Australian artists, producers and venues to support their work in the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. Read more

Community Fund Stories

"These tickets have been generously donated by Adelaide Fringe to reach community members, children, young people and families who ordinarily wouldn't attend Fringe shows without support. A group from our Exceptional Needs program went to see Djuki Mala.  For an hour, they laughed, they felt included and they absolutely loved the show. Adelaide Fringe Foundation THANK YOU!  Know that the tickets reached those you wanted to reach, and everyone had a brilliant and fun time." - Anglicare Read more

Artist Fund Stories

"This grant enabled me to purchase marketing and reach a demographic that I have otherwise not been able to reach over the years of performing at the Adelaide Fringe. It took the financial strain off of some of the venue hire and meant that I actually came out of this year’s Fringe in profit! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the Artist Fund." - Michaela Burger Read more

Why we exist

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